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When You’re New to Product Marketing…

Maggie Bean Product Marketing

Using marketing jargon in your sales enablement collateral is a big no-no. It’s the kind of mistake you make when you’re new to product marketing. 

For Validity’s Maggie Bean there’s one concept she keeps top of mind to avoid this cardinal sin of PMMs and compete pros: Empathy. 

“You need to put yourself in their point of view of how they’re doing their work. Make one-on-one connections and forge those relationships individually.

Prioritize one-on-one time with each of your sellers — or as many as possible —and ask the questions that’ll help you better understand their needs.

The more you understand the pains and needs of your end-users, the better you’re able to enable them.

Connect with as many as you can individually, and reflect on the requirements and challenges of their job.

You’ll be a better product marketer for it.

Learn more about why Maggie thinks empathy is important on the most recent episode of the Competitive Enablement Show

And get even more Maggie content on her podcast New to Product Marketing powered by the Compete Network. 

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  The Low-Down on Low Adoption

Content adoption best practices

We interviewed competitive enablement professionals, product marketers, and CSMs to get their best tips and tricks for improving user adoption. Here’s what they said: 

✅ Make sure your reps know about your content, where to find it, and understand its relevance ✅

✅ Include validated evidence in your content and be prescriptive about how to use it in deals ✅

✅ Run a competitive confidence survey to find and fill gaps in your competitive content  ✅

✅ Make compete a team sport by engaging your stakeholders and making your content fun  ✅

You can dive deeper into what experts like Ashleigh Eisinger, Pat Wall, Honami Kawamura and Hunter Sones do to boost adoption on our blog!

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

Speaking of marketing jargon…

Distilling complex concepts into simple language is tough — especially when you have to communicate them to an audience. 

Luckily the one and only Emma Stratton knows how to get unstuck when you’ve caught yourself staring at an empty battlecard for the millionth time

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