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I’m still new in my role in CI, but being connected to the Compete Network lets me learn from people that I consider “the experts”. Hearing their feedback and their best practices,  they encourage me to keep toiling, keep pushing and challenging the status quo, and save me a ton of time so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Mara Konrad

Former Product Marketing Manager of Intelligence

Having access to a network of compete professionals has been invaluable as a team of one. The opportunity to engage with talented speakers during the live sessions makes each event unique and makes it possible to cover different aspects of competitive intelligence and enablement. The thoughtful presentations and takeaways have become regular points of reference in my work as I continue to build a compete program.

Angel Jones

Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Competitive Intelligence,

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With 50 videos and counting plus dozens of resources in our library, it’s your one-stop-shop for the best on-demand compete content.

If you’re serious about competitive intelligence and enablement, Klue events ares a must-attend. The members bring incredible energy and momentum to the field, and their stories and use cases are truly inspiring. This network has accelerated my growth, from strategic hires to actionable insights. The ROI is undeniable.

Paul Senatori
Director of Competitive Intelligence

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Just getting started with your career in compete? You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Learn from our community ambassadors who’ve ‘been there, done that’ and are still figuring it out. They’re actively involved in our community events and have a wealth of expertise to share to help you succeed.

Tracy Berry

Matt Coblentz

Tara Scott

Clara Smyth

Ashleigh Eisinger

Eric Holland

Dustin Ray

Mara Konrad

Brandon Bedford

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The level of support from the Compete Network is definitely a reason why my period of not having a job was so short. I was able to get together with others who’d been affected by layoffs to talk about their experience as well. People were looking out for me so that when they saw a job, they thought about me and were willing to extend a warm intro.

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Who’s eligible to join the Compete Network Community?

Anyone who competes to win! This is a professional community for those who want to expand their competitive intelligence skills.

How much is membership?

It’s completely free – just sign up with your LinkedIn account or an email address.

Is there a forum?

Yes, they are called Channels. We’re in the process of building up to a feature-filled forum where you’ll be able to ask questions, share more info about jobs, as well as tag your peers and thread conversations. For now, you can continue the conversation from your live events or 1:1’s in your Messages tab. 

Where do I submit product feedback?

While our Product Team would love to hear from you, this community includes anyone who practices compete. If you use Klue and want to submit feedback, speak with your Customer Success Manager.

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