About the Network

One day we woke up tired. Tired of boring content.

Whitepapers. Webinars. Thinly-veiled sales pitches masquerading as blogs.

So, we decided to kill boring content. And launch the Compete Network.

The Compete Network is the home of the best shows, events, and resources on competing. Created in partnership with the top product marketing, competitive intel, and go-to-market voices in the business.

The truth is, we can add more value to the community by shining a light directly on the industry’s best thought leaders — folks like Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Devon O’Rourke, Emma Stratton, and Jody Geiger (plus many, maannyyyy more).

Our goal is for you to leave entertained and (hopefully) a little bit smarter, too.

If you want to keep in the loop of new releases — and what’s coming next — then subscribe to the Coffee & Compete newsletter.

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