Updating Your Battlecards, Compete Confidential (CE LIVE), Shoulda Done It

How often should you update your battlecards?

HubSpot has a handful of major, direct competitors.

They also have a dizzying amount of tier-2 and 3 competitors. 

Do you need battlecards for all of them? Definitely, yes — that part’s easy.  

How often you should be updating those battlecards…now that’s less obvious. 

But our HubSpot hero Jessica Davis has a method to cut through the potential madness. 

“We tier our competitors in groups of five, based on how often they come up in deals, market focus etc.

Tier one and two competitors, we update our battlecards every quarter.

The rest we update every six months.”

The updating doesn’t stop at battlecards though. 

Jess and her team diligently update the copy on other relevant materials (i.e. comparison pages) to make sure the language is consistent across all collateral. 

It’s one of the many reasons why HubSpot has a world-class compete program. 

And you’ll get to hear from Jess directly at Compete Week 2023, as she takes you through building battlecards for every stage in the deal cycle. 

Check out the full speaker lineup and save your seat here

Answering your (no longer) confidential questions

The entire session of this week’s CE LIVE with Dylan D’Urso and Gal Toren is now available on demand!

Here’s just one example of the amazing questions asked and answered by our experts. 

Q: How do I get updated competitive Intel from the field?

Dylan D’Urso, Competitive Intelligence Manager at AutoDesk:

Gal Toren, Competitive Intelligence lead at JFrog:

Watch the full recording here

Coffee & Compete Community Corner 

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. The three horsemen of regret. 

We designed the entire Compete Week 2023 lineup to turn those ‘closed lost’ deals into ‘closed won’. 

So for a lighter touch in today’s Community Corner, we’re bringing you the newest addition to our line of awesome ads

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