How B2B Sales Has Changed Over Time, GenAI Disruption, Value Selling

Going the way of the dinosaurs

In some ways, selling in 2023 is the same it was in 1993. It’s about relationships, solving pains and conveying the value your solution brings to the table.  

In other very real ways, B2B tech sales in 2023 is infinitely more complex than it was even fifteen years ago. 

So how can sales and revenue leaders today stay ahead of the game and avoid going extinct? 

That will be the very topic of the keynote session for Compete Week 2023 presented by Mark Kosoglow, CRO at Catalyst Software.

 Mark spills the tea on…

The changes he’s seen in his career trajectory in sales

How his own role and those around him have evolved to adapt to these changes

A step-by-step guide for how other Revenue leaders, regardless of company size, must adopt and make these changes

But not too far too fast…

Evolution is a gradual process. One of the worst things revenue leaders can do is institute too much change too fast. Especially in tough environments. 

(Check out Mark’s LinkedIn post on the trap of reactive change)

That’s why this keynote presentation isn’t about knee-jerk, tactical changes that you need to make ASAP. 

Some changes can and will be applicable to your day-to-day. 

But the key here is a broad mindset shift around turning the same-old mistakes revenue leaders make into a new way of thinking.  

And if that’s the FIRST presentation at Compete Week, you can just imagine how juicy the rest of this two-day event will be. 

Check out the full speaker lineup and save your seat here

AI is blurring traditional categories

It’s not just that AI is unlocking new use cases for the tools you have now in the category you’re currently playing in.

As AI power gets harnessed and new use cases fleshed out, companies are starting to enter adjacent spaces.

“All of a sudden they’re now competing against companies that they weren’t competing against before.”

Gong has entered the sales engagement space with Gong Engage. Clari followed suit by acquiring Grove.

Companies today thinking only about how AI can super-chargee their core competency need to broaden the vistas to adjacent competencies as well.

That’s just one of the insights Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford shares in his appearance on the Competitive Enablement Show

Coffee & Compete Community Corner 

Paul Osmond drops a seriously hot take in this week’s Community Corner. 

Not only does Paul and the team at 6sense create some of the best battlecards in the game, they get it when it comes to selling on value. 

Not feature-function comparisons. |