Three of the most controversial product launches

Marketing teams have a proclivity for drifting to a place far, far, far away.


A place that I call, Marketing Land.


In this place real products don’t exist. All that is required is strategic narratives and vision statements. Plus, there are no budget constraints for our incredibly realistic and savvy Super Bowl ad ideas.


To all the product marketers, I want to thank you. You are the ones who bring marketing teams from these clouds and back to reality.


I’m feeling this way as we have brought some absolute rockstar product marketers into the fold here at Klue and I could not be more stoked for them to join the crew.


Alright, enough sucking kneecaps. Here’s what we have in store in this edition:


πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Why Google’s launch to compete with OpenAI fell flat

πŸ“ What’s wrong with internal message testing, according to Peep Laja

πŸ‘” An age-old competitive intel debate between Alysse Nockels and Ben Schultz


Adam β˜•

We’ve been overwhelmed with the reception from our community for our latest show, Ready for Launch. You really are the best.
And if you haven’t tuned into the show before… firstly, I’m not mad, just disappointed.
But let me get you up to speed.
Three product launch examples. Seven minutes to plead their case. YOU decide who wins.
In this edition, Andy, Oaks, and Tamara competed to bring the most controversial, polarizing, and internet-dividing product launch to the table. And they did not disappoint, including:
🚚 Elon’s ‘atrocious’ and ‘visionary’ Cybertruck
πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ The launch flub seen around the world by Google
πŸ€– Humane’s intentionally vague AI pen
Plus, vote for who you thought shared the most controversial product launch here.

    Don’t review message testing internally | We’re Not Marketers

    Peep Laja shares the evolution of message testing and what it means for product marketers today.


    Prioritization, spotting potential, & evolving a company’s vision | Embracing Erosion

    Jason Smith stopped by to share some of his biggest lessons building Klue over the past nine years.

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    I strolled over to see what the fuss was about. What could he possibly be watching?!

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    Ah, Compete Week 2023. Memories.

    We have SO much great content from events, series, shows, and workshops that I’ll add a blast from the past each edition for folks that might be newer to Coffee & Compete and our community.


    Today I’m sharing Alysse Nockels and Ben Schultz, the powerhouse duo leading competitive intel at Palo Alto Networks, embracing debate on strategic versus tactical competitive intel like they were on the set of First Take during our flagship event, Compete Week, last year.

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