We built a battlecard with ChatGPT

As I write this edition, Vancouver is blessing me with uniquely grim weather. Sideways rain meets freezing temperatures with a dash of hail to top it off.


My plans? Not to leave the house for the entire day.


And if you’re in a similar situation to me, then you’re in luck. Because we’ve got a TON of new releases this edition for you to sink your teeth into, including:


βš”οΈ A battle against ChatGPT

πŸ‘΄ The two-decade evolution of product marketing

πŸš™ The best ‘sidecar’ product launches 


So grab a coffee, put your feet up, and toss a log on the fireplace.



… and our sellers laughed at us.
Not because our resident expert Hunter isn’t great at building battlecards. (I mean he has advised best practices for hundreds of our customers!)
But because the word “robust” was used approximately 47 times in the content.
Okay, that might be an exaggeration, however Hunter did share his full experience building a battlecard in ChatGPT and within Klue in the latest episode of The Competitive Enablement Show, including:
πŸ“‡ The limitations of battlecard building in ChatGPT
πŸ₯¦ The richest data sources to build a battlecard sellers love
πŸ–‹οΈ How ChatGPT can help with formatting
Hunty will be sharing more first-hand expertise on drinking our own dog food and eating our own champagne on the podcast, so tune in for more tactical tips on nailing competitive intel in your role.

    How to land your next product marketing job | Workshop recap

    Some of the highlights from our community workshop with Yi Lin Pei, sharing tactics you can take to land your dream PMM gig.


    The best sidecar product launch | Ready for Launch

    Andy, Jason, and Tamara compete to share their favourite ‘mini’ launches, from meeting cost calculators, to Thinkific’s unique creator strategy.


    How PMMs can tie revenue with competitive intelligence | We’re Not Marketers

    Clara Smyth joins the crew to share how she ran competitive intel as a revenue critical function throughout her career at Slack and beyond.


    The two-decade evolution of product marketing | Embracing Erosion

    Michael Applebaum shares how product marketing has grown throughout his career, and what the discipline can learn from pre-sales and ops teams.


    This mattress company is boring… but smart?! | PMM Files

    Sometimes the best product offerings follow an easy rule: Keep. It. Simple.

    Here’s a simple hack for standing out within your market.


    Understand your buyer better than your competition.


    And one of the best ways to get unbiased buyer insights? Through win-loss analysis. Which is what our upcoming event on Mar. 27 is all about.


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    πŸŽ“ Our framework for running the best win-loss interviews (plus plenty more tactical sessions)

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    🏎️ A look under the hood of what is new and on deck with Klue Win-Loss in 2024


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