The BIGGEST product marketing prediction for 2024…

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One BIG product marketing prediction…

Everyone is talking about AI can lift bottom-performers to level themselves up.

But Devon O’Rourke thinks the this new tooling will actually widen the gap.

Derek Osgood agreed on the latest episode of Embracing Erosion, where they predict the biggest product marketing trends in 2024:

“Tools act as amplifiers. It takes existing skills and makes you better.

People have unrealistic expectations of AI tools of how well they can do anything based on relatively limited inputs.

What actually makes AI work well is tied to briefing the technology. Great product marketers are great at briefing other teams or whoever they’re trying to get information in the hands of. It’s the same exact process for briefing AI.”

Check out the full episode below to catch all of their predictions 👇


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Brandon and James are leading an AMA, diving into the biggest takeaways from our community report on AI in competitive intelligence. Bring a question, hop in the chat, and share your takes.

Here’s a little peek at some of the questions already asked by the community:

And if you want something a little more hands-on, Jess Petrella will be walking through how to speed up two of the most lengthy product marketing tasks with AI; customer research and SWOT analysis in her upcoming workshop.

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