The Best Sales Enablement Mechanisms, Revenue Efficiency, A Bittersweet Goodbye

Know your sales org inside and out

Sophos has a sales force of more than one thousand sellers and support staff — making individualized sales enablement for everyone impossible.

So Max Weinstein and his team need to do it at scale. 

To get there, the right mechanisms for sales enablement need to be in place.

And for the right mechanisms to be implemented, there needs to be a deep understanding of how your sales org functions. 

“The better you understand their goals, how they’re compensated and how they’re organized, it’s going to better position you to help them be successful.”

Beyond the sales org, Max and the team at Sophos work closely with the product marketing team. 

They have a “competitive hotline”, an email account that anyone can contact and get a reply within a day or two. 

They’ve also created a form for support requests. After realizing that many requests from PMMs would be missing critical context or information, launching the form has helped close the gap. 

Mandatory fields in the request form

It goes without saying that mechanisms like this don’t appear magically overnight. 

But implementing the right mechanisms for collaboration can be the make-or-break element of your sales enablement program. 

Learn more about what’s worked for Max and team and Sophos

Revenue efficiency in competitive markets

This is my last edition of Coffee & Compete. And to mark this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to hijack the Community Corner. 

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