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 ⚙️ Don’t Get Wrapped Around the Axle ⚙️

Datto’s Director of Competitive Intelligence Dustin Ray has served many different departments in his decade-long career in CI. 

And ‘where should competitive intelligence/enablement sit in the org’ is a question worthy of discussion. 

But once a decision is made, live with it. You have to work within the parameters you’re given. 

“I think as intel professionals, at times we can get wrapped around the axle — not seeing the big picture.” 

The big picture is organizational success.

And whether the team you serve is the insights team, marketing, sales or something else altogether, your job is to maximize value for that department. 

As for SCIP’s former Executive Director Cam Mackey, he’s formulated an opinion or two about the best ways to run a CI function as well. 

The most impactful shift he’s observed is the understanding that it’s not enough to just track your competitors.

Not just because it’s nearly impossible to do so manually, but rather it’s thanks to organizations becoming more thoughtful and intentional about their entire competitive ecosystem. 

“Our advice for folks working through this transition is to step back and think about your function as if you’re a head coach, general manager or even a mini CEO. What’s the job to be done? And what’s the outcome I need to give to my leadership?” 

Cam went on to say that whether your next move is to hire more staff, invest in a competitive tool — or both — the time to take your compete program to the next level is now. 

You can listen to more great insights like these from Dustin and Cam in Part V of the Klue at IntelliCon Masters Series. 

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 Survey Says: Start Measuring Competitive Confidence 
competitive confidence

We’re nearly two-thirds of the way through the calendar year, which makes August as good a time as any to conduct a competitive confidence survey. 

Why do you need to run regular competitive confidence surveys? 

Our Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford says there are at least three reasons why. 

 It helps prioritize your competitive efforts

The results from your survey will help guide you towards which competitors deserve the most attention, and what competitive collateral your end-users need most. 

 It provides a baseline metric for an eventual KPI

Measure how confident your team is in your competitive enablement program and materials. Then take the results of your first survey and measure them again the following quarter. You can begin to use competitive confidence (and the changes therein) as a KPI for your program at large. 

 It encourages adoption and collaboration

Surveying your team delivers a clear message to your users that your success as a competitive enablement lead depends on them. It’s one actionable and scalable way you can show up for your teams to show that you care about their confidence and are listening to their concerns. 

Dive deeper into these three points and more on our blog

And grab yourself a free Competitive Confidence Survey Template while you’re at it. 

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

mitch comstock

You’ll never know unless you ask. 

A sentiment equally applicable to sales confidence as it is to your next raise. 

LeadIQ’s Mitch Comstock asked the right questions.

And now he’s got the answers he needs to focus his efforts on what matters most to the teams he serves. 

Be like Mitch. Run a competitive confidence survey. 

And watch Mitch’s appearance as a guest on Competitive Enablement LIVE here.

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