New Klue Original Shows, Compete Network Founding Members, Sylvia Rayner

 Introducing Four New Klue Original Series 

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Klue Originals has such a great ring to it. Kind of like Netflix Originals. 

But since readers of this newsletter know how I feel about Netflix, that’ll be the last Compete Network–Netflix analogy I make.  

Moving on. 

Allow me to show off four new original series produced by Klue. 

Back Office to Boardroom with Slack’s Clara Smyth

The boardroom is where decisions — and careers — are made.

Slack’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager talks with some of her idols, mentors and managers about what it took to get them from where they started, to where they are now.

Clara Smyth is without a doubt one of the most impressive and overall awesome compete professionals around. 

(And her appearance on the Competitive Enablement Show is still the most downloaded episode ever.)

Listen to Episode 1 of BO2BR on the Compete Network

️ Compared to What? with Federico Jorge and Jason Oakley ️

Comparison pages can be a great tool for turning consideration into conversion.

Unless you make mistakes like these brands made in episode 1 of Compared to What? 

Stack Against founder Federico Jorge and Klue’s Jason Oakley take you through the nitty-gritty of it all. 

And since an audio-only podcast about comparison pages would be pretty damn boring — this Klue Original is a video series!

Watch the first episode of Compared to What? now.

Winning as Women with Jody Geiger 

The best sellers, revenue leaders, and coaches in the world sharing tactical advice and overcoming the same common challenges we all face in our career.And If the title didn’t give it away… yep, the guests, they’re mostly women. Why? Well, because it is mostly men giving advice on how to coach and lead sellers today. So let’s change that.  The first two episodes of Winning as Women hosted by Klue’s Revenue Enablement Coach Jody Geiger are available to watch now on the Compete Network

⚡ SCIP IntelliCon 2022: Masters Series with Adam McQueen ⚡

You didn’t think we’d leave Adam out of all the Compete Network fun, did you? 

Back in April, Adam had his reporter hat on and interviewed 15 guests at SCIP IntelliCon 2022 in Minneapolis. 

On the Competitive Enablement Show feed, we gave you a taste of all 15 interviews on Parts I and II of Klue Live(Ish) from SCIP IntelliCon. 

And now, we’re packaging up all 15 interviews and releasing them in a seven-part limited series. 

First two episodes available now.

️ Choose Your Own Competitive Adventure  ️

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On this leg of the tour, we’ll be stopping by and checking out the crazy-good competitive content created by the Compete Network’s 13 founding members. 

Starting and growing your compete program, nailing your positioning, messaging and go-to-market strategies, and powerhouse product marketing, the Compete Network’s got it all. 

Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp 

Emma Stratton, Founder and CEO at Punchy

James Doman-Pipe, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Remote

Peep Laja, Founder at Wynter

Crispin Read, Founder at Product Marketing Hive

Ryan Sorley, Founder and CEO at DoubleCheck Research

Justin Topliff, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Highspot

Alex McDonnell, Market Intelligence Lead at AirTable. 

Rowan Noronha, Founder at the Product Marketing Community

It’s a star-studded lineup of creators to say the least. And we promise there will be plenty more to come! 

But no tour of a community-driven initiative like the Compete Network would be complete without two final stops. 

Follow me to this week’s Coffee & Compete Community Corner ⬇️

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

sylvia rayner klue

Meet, Sylvia Rayner, Competitive Solutions Specialist at Klue and avid reader of Coffee & Compete. 

Known to everyone around Klue headquarters as Syl, she is one of the most competitive and most wonderful humans in the office. 

I recently found out her favourite coffee is Nescafé Gold, which is an instant coffee Syl calls a “modern miracle.” 

If you’re lucky enough to be on a demo call when she’s spitting fire about the Competitive Enablement Maturity Model, you’ll instantly forgive her for drinking instant coffee. 

You’re the best Syl — thank you for all you do. 

And for our final stop on the tour, allow me to re-introduce the Competitive Enablement Jobs board. 
You can now check out all the hot jobs by clicking on “Jobs Board” at the top-right of the Compete Network homepage.  
Your new career — and maybe even someone else’s — in competitive enablement awaits you. 

Thus concludes this week’s virtual tour of the Compete Network. I hope you enjoyed the journey. 

We can’t wait to bring you even more awesome compete content from the best in the business. 

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