Content Sales Reps Love, Competitors in a Crowded Market, WTF is Go-To-Market?

Building Competitive Content Sales Reps Love

Brock everett Shopify

Shopify’s Competitive Intelligence Ambassador Brock Everett spent 10 years in sales — and it shows. (In a good way.) 

Now as the Competitive Intelligence Ambassador at Shopify, Brock emphasizes creating competitive content that sales reps can actually use.

Someone told me that sales reps have the best BS detectors. You can tell when messaging doesn’t pass the sniff test. Is this really going to be used in the field when talking to a prospect?”

Brock joined Adam on the Competitive Enablement Show to talk about his move from Sales to CI and how to avoid setting off reps’ BS detectors. 

Here are his biggest takeaways for creating competitive content sales reps will actually use — and love you for it:

1️⃣ View your content and the way you present it through a sales lens, using real talk tracks reps are already using in the field. 

2️⃣ Focus on tactical, practical advice for your battlecards — deprioritize company overviews and other background information.

3️⃣ Keep your eyes and ears out for boomerang stories, i.e. when a client leaves you for a competitor only to return. 

Brock’s experience as a sales rep has made him a powerhouse competitive expert.

You don’t have to be a sales rep yourself to be a great compete professional.

But if you’re enabling your sales reps (and we know you are), make sure to build content that works for them — in ways they can use it. 

Dive deeper into the biggest takeaways from his conversation with Adam — and check out links to the full episode on Spotify and Apple podcasts — here

Prioritizing Competitors in a Crowded Market

mindy regnell postscript

Meet Mindy Regnell.

Senior Market Intelligence Manager at Postscript. 

Mindy is an expert quilter, loves Pokémon, and enjoys enabling her teams to beat the competition. 

She’s also an absolute pro when it comes to prioritizing competitors in crowded markets. 

Which makes her the perfect guest for this month’s Competitive Enablement Show LIVE

For Mindy, prioritizing competitors starts with organizing them into different buckets based on competitive differentiators.

Here are four buckets she’s used in the past:

‍ – Technological differentiators 

– Philosophical differentiators 

– Best in breed vs all in one 

– Scope of the market 

Mindy, Adam and all the attendees will dive into these differentiation buckets and much more this coming Wednesday at 12pm PST.

Save your spot by registering here.

P.S. Quick shoutout to Zaven G for his contribution to last month’s CE Live — a contribution that inspired this month’s topic!

P.P.S. You can watch every episode of Competitive Enablement LIVE on our Youtube Channel playlist

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

james doman pipe

We see what you did there, James. 

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