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Every once in a while, there comes a week so full of competitive content, clear takeaways and good vibes that you almost can’t believe it. 

Well, believe it people. Because in today’s edition of ☕️ Coffee & Compete we’re bringing you:

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Build. Better. Battlecards

Battlecards. So powerful, and so many ways they can go wrong. But we’re here to make it right!

Our team dove DEEP into anonymized data to check out the most highly adopted and used battlecards. Next, they got their magnifying glasses out and looked at the most common characteristics among those battlecards. 

It turns out there are four very common mistakes that are preventing your battlecards from being adopted to the fullest extent. 

If your battlecards fall into these four traps, don’t hang your head in shame. They’re all very fixable — and it’s within your power to make it happen. 

But before you do it, go deeper into our research by checking out the first-ever Klue: By the Numbers article currently live on LinkedIn.

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5 Steps to Take When Your Content Isn’t Being Used

Ashleigh eisinger product marketing

So you’ve built good compete content. You haven’t made any of the mistakes above. And the content still isnt being used by your team. 

What gives? 

Compete and Product Marketing superstar Ashleigh Eisinger has five steps she takes in this situation.

It starts with four reflective questions and ends with engaging her salesforce. 

4 questions to ask yourself:

If all those boxes are ticked, it’s time to engage your end users — which is exactly the topic we covered in this week’s episode of the Competitive Enablement Show.

Watch and listen to the full episode, and check out a quick three-takeaways recap here.

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

Remember when I said how amazingly generous the Compete and PMM communities are?

How about someone taking it upon themselves to collect 60+ free resources and a list of 20+ influencers and share them all for absolutely nothing in return? 

Jess Petrella did just that and compiled it all into one masterpiece of a Notion page that you can find here

We’re not just stoked on this initiative because she included a few awesome Klue resources (but we are definitely super stoked on that). 

We’re stoked because we know just how valuable PMM and compete can be for the entire organization. And we want everyone to know about it. 

People like Jess are making our discipline more accessible than ever and elevating it by leaps and bounds in the process. 

Thank you Jess! 

We all know someone who’s gotten caught up in the #techlayoffs. There’s no sugarcoating it, it sucks. 

One of those people is the aforementioned Ashleigh Eisinger. After spending a year at Highspot, her career took an unexpected turn. 

Within a month, though, Ashleigh had already landed another exciting opportunity at FloQast. Clearly, this quick rebound isn’t the case for everyone. 

But we thought Ashleigh’s experience would be valuable to share, which is why we invited her on the Competitive Enablement Show for a special bonus episode

Her biggest takeaways? Lean into your community. Get back out there and apply for jobs. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Congratulations on the new gig Ashleigh. And thank you for everything you do for us at Klue and the community

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