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My mug is overflowing with compete content from the week that was, so let’s dive straight into things.

A familiar face, Pat Wall, joined the Competitive Enablement Show to share his best tips for getting sales to use his compete content. Plus:

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12-ish Tips to Increase Sales Adoption

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Not a sprint. Not a marathon. It’s an ultra-marathon. 

Building a culture of compete is a non-negotiable if you want sellers to use your competitive intel. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Take a few tips from Pat Wall though, and you’ll get there faster. 

“When people understand what you’re doing and you’re consistently being an advocate for sales, you start to build a brand within your company.” 

Some of the tactical ways Pat has gotten sales buy-in for his compete program:

There are nine-ish more tips Pat shared with us this week, so watch and listen to the full episode here.

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Coffee & Compete Community Corner

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You’ll notice this post has 60 comments on it. That’s because almost immediately, people from the community started adding to it. (Make sure to check out Pat’s post for the full list.)

We’ve been lucky enough to have some of these amazing compete pros on the Competitive Enablement Show, here are links to the episodes so you can see for yourselves why these women are powerhouses in our industry. 

Three tips from our latest community roundtable?

Missed our latest roundtable? Here are a couple of tips

Tip 1 – Meet your audience where they’re at. Drop that email in Slack and Teams!

Tip 2 – Let people know whenthere isn’t new news. It informs people that you’re still keeping an eye on what’s happening.

Tip 3 – Stick to a consistent cadence. If your consumers expect the newsletter in their inbox on a certain day and at a certain time, well you’re doing something right!

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