Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research, Win-Loss Resources, Sage Wisdom from Pat Wall

How many synonyms of “big” can I use to describe how gigantically momentous this massively important week was for Klue? 

(Four I guess…not bad, not bad.) 

In case you missed it, we announced our acquisition of DoubleCheck Research. 

Buyer intelligence meets competitive and market intelligence meets sales enablement. 

It’s the complete compete package — the All-in-Won Platform.

To dive deeper into what this acquisition means for our customers and the compete community, check out this blog authored by none other than Klue CEO Jason Smith. 

And since we’re in a win-loss kind of mood, today’s edition of ☕️ Coffee & Compete features six different resources to help get you in the mood too. 

From getting started to getting going and diving deep, there’s a win-loss resource or two for everybody.

Happy reading,

Ben ✅ ✅

klue acquisition announcement

⚒️ Resources for getting started ⚒️

Win-Loss Analysis: From Interviews to Insights


Why it matters

Seven Components of a Successful Win-Loss Program


Why it matters:

Resources for getting going

Nine Steps to a Successful Win-Loss Program


Why it matters

Your guide to conducting win-loss interviews 


Why it matters

Resources for going deep

Distributing Win-Loss Insights Across the Entire Business


Why it matters

Working win-loss insights into your compete program 


Why it matters

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

Speaking of experts…you’ll be hearing from Imperva’s Pat Wall on the Competitive Enablement Show next month.  

Until then, please enjoy this little piece of sage wisdom from the man himself in today’s Community Corner. 
Pat Wall Jan 20
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