Fostering Competitive Friction, Klue By the Numbers II, No PMM is an Island

 ⚡️ Breeding Positive Friction in the Org⚡️

Arik and Derek johnson

Success in product marketing, competitive intelligence and competitive enablement is all about building relationships. 

You build relationships through trust. And you don’t build trust by avoiding conflict. 

The biggest lesson Arik and Derek Johnson have learned in their decades of experience in competitive intelligence is to embrace friction. 

Compete pros are doing their jobs when they’re calling it like they see it. Making recommendations with conviction, based on data and intuition.

But sometimes — if not most times — you should expect pushback on your recommendations. This is not the time for you to roll over and acquiesce. 

Instead, get curious, be humble and encourage a lively conversation. 

“Debate is something that provides friction. In the absence of debate, you actually can’t produce friction. And I think without friction, you don’t get growth, not in the long term.”

It doesn’t mean every meeting needs to turn into a pissing contest — far from it. 

The Johnson Brothers acknowledge they’ve met their fair share of big-headed execs who don’t like to be challenged. 

But if one conversation goes poorly, don’t let that take your eye off the prize. Use it as a learning opportunity to make the next one better. 

In the long run, having honest, open and sometimes intense conversations will help you build trust and relationships.

And that trust serves the entire organization — and your career — in the long run. 

Dive deeper into this takeaway and much more in the full interview with Arik and Derek Johnson

In other news…

Two reasons why sellers close (or flop) against competitors, according to the data.

Poor differentiation. Taking too long to spot a competitor in the deal cycle.

Two of the biggest reasons why you’re losing deals that you could have won. That you SHOULD have won. 

We dive deeper into both problems — and the solutions — in our latest Klue By the Numbers article.  

Insights from expert sellers like Chris OrlobQayam Noorani, tips for closing your Competitive Revenue Gap, and one hot-fire video on the value wedge. 

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

Last week we brought you the top five issues keeping compete pros up at night.

Today it’s PMMs’ turn to talk it out. 

Just remember — you are not alone.

Your peers, like Mr. Oakley himself, are your community. Leverage their wisdom, experience and support. 

No PMM is an island. Don’t forget it. 

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

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