5 Things Keeping Compete Pros Up at Night, Battlecard GTM

Compete pros and product marketers are some of the hardest-working people you’ll ever meet.

Always pushing for excellence and striving for perfection.

But since there IS no such thing as perfect in the world of compete, these pros have a lot of worries on their mind. 

As Homer Simpson so eloquently put it, “We’re not none of us perfect.” 

So step one is taking a bit of pressure off yourself.

But let’s see what we can do to help you sleep better at night in today’s edition of  Coffee & Compete  

We surveyed compete pros to ask what’s keeping them up at night.

We took the top five answers, and put together some tips and resources to help you rest easy. 

Let’s roll,

Ben ✌️

Five things keeping you up at night 

1. Low adoption

Steps you can take to increase content adoption


✍️ Read our blog for the Low-Down on Low Content Adoption and How to Fix it

️And watch Ashleigh Eisinger break down what she does to increase adoption

2. Stakeholder buy-in

Steps you can take to build organizational buy-in


️Learn how Tracy Berry launched a compete program in 90 days 

Download our 9 key steps to establish a compete program

3. Content creation

Content creation basics


✍️ Avoid these four common battlecard-building mistakes

 Watch Dave Washer break down 5 laws of highly effective battlecards

4. Sourcing intel from the field

Internal intel sourcing best practices


️ Learn how to enable veteran sellers with competitive intel

✍️ The ten most important internal and external sources of intel

5. Staying on top of emerging threats

How to stay on top of emerging threats


️See how AmexGBT competes in an insanely crowded market

️ Learn how to carve out a GTM advantage with competitive intel

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

After a two-week stint in Bali, Brandon Bedford is back baby!

If content creation, stakeholder engagement and adoption are top of mind for you (and we know they are) check out how Brandon breaks down his battlecard GTM.

Genuinely one of the best sources for everything competitive enablement on Linkedin, click the post below and give Brandon a follow — you will NOT regret it.  

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