Enabling 5000 Enterprise Sellers, 50 Product Animations, Super Sales Tactics

⛑ How Red Hat Enables More Than 5000 Enterprise Sellers ⛑

“You’re great at running compete but you’re terrible at taking compliments.”

Just when I thought Canadians were the only modest North Americans, Peter Codevilla proved me wrong. 

In this week’s episode of the Competitive Enablement Show, Peter shed light on how his team at Red Hat produces some of the best battlecards around.

How does he do it? Well it’s a lot more than just including the most concise, relevant and impactful content on the card itself (though that’s important too).

For him, it’s about knowing where to look.

E.G. looking at search analytics and usage in their competitive enablement tool. 

“If you have a whole raft of searches that don’t get fulfilled on a competitor you don’t cover, that may be the next [battlecard] coming down the pike.”

And on top of the quantitative data, Red Hat’s Senior Principal PMM Ben Scheerer runs a regular sales confidence survey to help prioritize his competitive efforts. 

The survey’s secret sauce? 

Adam and co. also dive into ramping up new hires, triaging content to different business units, and much, more more. 

Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

50+ Product Animations You’ll Love


If you haven’t been checking out Peep Laja’s Do You Even Resonate video series on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. 

Peep pits two competitors’ websites against one another for a tear-down analysis of the messaging, look and feel of the website. 

A key takeaway? 

Prospects want to see your product IN ACTION. 

(Also, don’t ever use stock photos on your website. Come on now.)

What does it actually look like? How does it move? How does it sound? Okay maybe not that last one. 

One way to accomplish this goal without producing a six-minute walkthrough video is using product animations. 

As our fearless Sr. Director of Product Marketing Jason Oakley says:

“You don’t need a full explainer video, just a quick 30-second gif of your product in action. A few frames someone can watch as they scroll through LinkedIn.”

The aforementioned Mr. Oakley put together 50 of his favourite product animations into a neat and tidy swipe file and shared it on his LinkedIn Account

Head on over and check out these swipe files in the comments. You can also find them here

Super Sales Tactics: Landmines vs. the Quick Dismiss

Quick Dismiss vs. Landmine

Relationships. Hitting a baseball. Catching a bus. Finishing that chicken in your fridge before it goes bad. 

It all comes down to timing. 

And timing is one of the key differences between two of the most effective sales tactics around: laying a landmine and the quick dismiss. 

On the surface, the two can appear similar. In fact there can be a lot of overlap between the two. 

As Klue Account Executive Jacob Gebrewold puts it:

“A quick dismiss could be a landmine. But not all landmines are quick dismisses.” 

In fact, the ‘quick’ in quick dismiss has a dual meaning:

Whereas a landmine usually occurs later on in competitive deals: when you’re locked in against a competitor and need to drop some serious FUD. 

But my summary here doesn’t do either, highly valuable, sales tactic justice. 

So head over and read our latest blog post for a deeper dive into both.

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