Competing as a Market Leader, Klue & Salesforce, 70 Comparison Pages

Competing as a Market Leader

Coffee and Compete Newsletter March 21

Market leaders need to continually be refreshing their competitive knowledge and intel. Because we all know that it doesn’t stay lonely at the top for very long.

But Benevity’s Tara Scott, the market leader in Corporate Purpose Software, made a crucial distinction on the latest episode of the Competitive Enablement Show

Not EVERY person in the company needs to keep an eye on every competitor.

When there’s no Competitive Enablement program in place, and no ownership by a team or individual, the sharing of competitive information can be chaotic. 

Things that don’t merit concern can cause panic and anxiety. And things that do merit attention get missed because everyone’s pointing at someone else to get the job done.

(Refer to that hilarious meme of the three Spidermans [Spidermen??] for a visual illustration of this conundrum.) 

To avoid this diffusion of responsibility, Tara has three recommendations for companies:

For a deeper look at three takeaways from Tara’s interview, and to listen to the entire podcast, head over to our podcast page and read the recap

Told You We Had Big Win-Loss News

Coffee and Compete Newsletter March 21

You may recall last week’s Coffee & Compete where I shared this mysterious prelude with you:

“I can’t spill the beans just yet, but we have some more exciting win-loss analysis news coming this week.”

Well, the beans have been spilt.

You’ve been able to find Klue in the Salesforce App Exchange for a while now.

But it’s better than ever.

Your win-loss program just got a whole lot stronger thanks to Win-Loss Battlecards powered by Klue and Salesforce. 

Now you can configure your win-loss and win-rate cards to only show data meeting specific criteria relevant to that deal.

Criteria like Opportunity Name/Owner, Win/Loss Reason and Notes, and other valuable industry and organizational data you deem fit.

Want to know what else is great about it?

I can only do the Salesforce x Klue integration so much justice in a hundred or so words. 

But you know who can break it down better than most? Our Senior Director of Product Marketing Jason Oakley

Read his article breaking down the new standard of win-loss battlecards

And learn more about the Salesforce x Klue integration here.

Comparison Pages EVERYWHERE

Coffee and Compete Newsletter March 21

Speaking of Jason Oakley

Talk about taking an idea and running with it. 

You may have tuned into last week’s Competitive Enablement Show Live episode where Federico Jorge broke down the art and science of building competitive comparison pages. 

Mere days later, Jason put together a resource featuring more than 70 competitive comparison page examples. 

Why are comparison pages so important? I’ll quote Mr. Oakley directly:

✅ [Comparison Pages] drive high-intent traffic and leads
✅ They’re great for SEO
✅ They force you to create and share differentiated messaging

So, if you’re looking to up your competitive comparison page game, listen and watch last week’s episode of the Competitive Enablement Show Live.

And head on over to Oakley’s LinkedIn post and check out the link in comments

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