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 I Need a Hero (Section) 

Compared to What?

What’s the number one mistake companies make when building comparison pages? 

According to Federico Jorge, Founder at Stack Against and co-host of the new Compete Network series Compared to What? it’s:

“Not using the hero section to tell people how you’re different.” 

Most comparison pages (except for the truly awful ones) do an adequate job of progressively explaining the differences as the reader scrolls down the page. 

But that valuable real estate above the fold needs to define the differentiation between you and the competitor right away. 

Take for example Airtame’s comparison page against Google’s Chromecast.

The H1 lets you know you’re in the right place. And the image makes it clear that you’re about to see a comparison between these two products. 

But there’s nothing in this hero section that drives the consumer towards making a decision one way or another. 

“If you’re going to use an image above the fold, the image has to drive home your differentiation.” – Jason Oakley

The saddest part of this page is that Airtame actually has some unique use cases that separate it from Chromecast. 

But you have to scroll down to find them — very sad.

But I have great news! You never have to make these mistakes again. 

All you have to do is watch Jason and Federico break down different comparison pages in Compared to What?

Episode 1 is available now on the Compete Network. And episode 2 will be released next week!

 Stop Sitting at Your Desk 

Coffee & compete July 3

Every competitive enablement professional I meet has a few things in common:

They’re naturally curious

They love to win

And they rely on their peers to learn the tricks of the trade

Relying on peers and knowledge sharing is doubly crucial for these folks because the playbook for CI is still being written. 

At Klue, we’re doing our part to write the playbook. That’s why we interviewed 15 professionals at SCIP IntelliCon 2022 and are releasing all 15 throughout the summer in a limited series.

Part III of the series features Commvault’s Matt Tyrer and Milestones Systems’ Alex Knapik

Here’s some of what they had to say:

“You want reps to ask the dumb questions. You want them to reach out so you can educate them on where to find the right compete content…Communicate, communicate, communicate. You got to let them know you’re there.” – Matt Tyrer

“Stop just sitting at your desk. You have to talk to your sales teams and you have to build relationships. You’re selling your intelligence to them and they’re paying with their attention.” – Alex Knapik


Coffee & Compete Community Corner

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