Compete KPIs, Masters Series Part VI, Mugs in the Wild

 10 KPIs to Measure Competitive Success 

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The player that gets the ball over the line is the one credited with the touchdown. 

To them goes the glory, but surely they didn’t get there alone. They did it with the help of the 10 other players on the gridiron. 

Competitive enablement professionals are the 10 other players. You didn’t have the last touch — but you sure as hell moved the ball up the field. 

So how do you measure the impact you’re making?

Not just for your own accountability, but to show the entire organization that you’re making a difference. 

Here are 10 KPIs to help you out:

1️⃣ – Content adoption/consumer usage

2️⃣ – Revenue impact

3️⃣ – Competitive confidence

4️⃣ – Win rate 

5️⃣ – Competitive win rate 

6️⃣ – ROI

7️⃣ – Competitive displacements 

8️⃣ – Deal support requests
9️⃣ – Average deal length

– Average deal size 

More is not better when it comes to KPIs. This list isn’t supposed to be a call to action encouraging you to use all 10 right away. 

But you should definitely start by measuring consumption and adoption. That way you can correlate consumption of your compete content to:

The more you do that, the easier it will be to tell the story of how your compete program is helping to win more deals. 

Dive deeper into these 10 metrics and why they matter on our blog

 SCIP Masters Series Part VI 

pierre hiller

The fun part about releasing a multi-part podcast series is I get to use roman numerals. 

The scary part is I have to remember how to use roman numerals. 

In part six (VI) of the Klue at IntelliCon: Masters Series, Adam got to chat with two unbelievably smart and overall awesome compete pros. 

Culture Amp’s Zaven (Zavo) Gabriel, having just attended a session led by Salesforce’s Dan Hamilton, took home some serious advice about how he should be showing up within the organization. 

“The reputation you have to build as a CI function [is] the trusted truth-teller. Not just throwing materials over the wall, but really getting a seat at the table and being part of the conversation. Where it’s not just that people are consuming what you write, it’s that they care about what you think.”

Being in the earlier stages of building out a compete program like Zaven is exactly where Adam’s other guest Pierre Hiller was when he started his CI career ten-plus years ago. 

Pierre shared with Adam his take on how the function has evolved over the past decade. 

“I think ten years ago execs didn’t really understand the value of CI. But nowadays more execs and VPs are starting to understand the tactical, mid-range, and strategic impact that CI can have on every department in the company.

Pierre and Zaven are two names you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the next few years.

Get ahead of the game and hear what they have to say now 

Listen to Part VI with Zavo and Pierre

 Coffee & Compete Community Corner 

Coffee & Compete Mugs at PMM Summit SF

Coffee & Compete mugs in the wild — spotted at the PMM Summit in San Francisco this past week! 

A big shout out to C&C reader and product marketing manager Devyn Lackner who stopped by the Klue booth to say hi. 

She is now the proud owner of a yellow mug. 

Thanks for reading Devyn! We hope to see you again soon. 

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