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 ⚾ 5 Skills Competitive Enablement Pros Need to Master ⚾

competitive intelligence skills

The best baseball players are the ones who master these five skills:

1) Hitting for average 2) Hitting for power 3) Playing defence 4) Running fast 5) Throwing hard.

These players are known as 5-tool talents.

As it turns out, there are 5 very important tools that Competitive Enablement pros need to master too. 

1️⃣ – Storytelling | Don’t just say what your solution does for me, tell me the story of why you decided to solve the problem in the first place

2️⃣ – Communication | Be clear, concise and consistent; participate in meetings and show up in internal messaging threads.

3️⃣ – Curiosity | Talk to your internal stakeholders and be genuinely open and curious about what they have to say

4️⃣ – Research | You HAVE to go deeper than just finding and collecting intel. Analyze and translate it into something people can actually use

5️⃣ – Project Management | Develop a project roadmap, establish clear milestones, and communicate regular status updates. 

All these skills boil down to connection. Connecting the dots between people, ideas and execution. 

Get a handle on all five and you’ll be an all-star in no time. 

Dive deeper into each skill — including one bonus skill not mentioned here — on our blog.

 Nailing Your Competitive Intel Newsletter
Competitive intelligence newsletter

Adam and I just finished recording a podcast episode on enabling product teams with competitive intel. 

(It’s a really good one — we’ll be releasing it in two weeks)

In it, our guest shares how her perception of competitive intel newsletters has evolved:

“I thought the newsletter was an intern’s job that you shouldn’t do as you move into a manager position. What I came to realize is that the newsletter should be the basis for everything else you’re doing — and having someone else do it isn’t your best bet for success.” 

She went on to talk about how she looks for intel with her product team in mind and curates news accordingly. 

You’ll have to wait two weeks to hear the entire interview. 

But you can start levelling up your competitive intel newsletter today with these 7 tips. 

Set a regular cadence and stick to it

✍️ Aim for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 stories per newsletter

Scrap a story if you can’t explain why it matters

Keep the format loose; don’t include a story because you’re tied to a template

Shout out your coworkers

‍ Share your newsletter directly to your internal messaging platform

Tailor your newsletters to specific teams and/or departments

And read the full blog and dive deeper into each tip!

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

I didn’t think anyone could sum up the entire essence of the Community Corner in one post… 
But Imperva’s Pat Wall went ahead and did it!  
If you look closely, three of the first four reactions are from other CI professionals who’ve made their own appearances in the Coffee & Compete Community Corner. 
Ashleigh EisingerDustin Ray, and Brandon Bedford are all people you should be connecting with every chance you get.  
When everyone shares their knowledge, the entire community grows stronger. 

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

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