1 person. 1 product launch. 2 million dollars.

Let’s do some quick math this Sunday morning.


According to G2, there are 30,000 product launches annually.


That’s 2,500 monthly. And 82 daily.


Safe to say it’s easy for your next product launch to get stuck in the noise.


If you don’t want your next launch to be white noise, then this edition is for you.


We’ll be sharing lessons from some of the most differentiated product launches by individual creators, PLUS:


πŸ“‡ Building ‘sticky’ battlecards
πŸ’° How to keep your reps ahead of the competition
❗ The mistake you can’t make on a PMM interview


Adam β˜•

Product marketers stop if you’ve heard this one before:
Do more with le… sorry, I can’t even finish writing this sentence as I feel the collective eye roll from y’all reading this.
But what if there was one individual creator that nailed a product launch solo that netted two million dollars?!
You can find out Justin Welsh’s strategy to do exactly that in the latest episode of Ready for Launch. Andy, Oaks, and Tamara competed to share the BEST product launches led by individual creators.

Here are three things you can do to nail a launch that stands out from the competition πŸ‘‡


1. Build in public to create anticipation. Justin started a waitlist months ahead of launch. That list was nurtured consistently as a ‘special newsletter’, and the audience engagement actually gave him real-time feedback ahead of launch.

2. An open cart creates FOMO. Justin made his product available at a certain price for a limited time, before price increases. He then teased out capped offers, like five one-on-one coaching slots. All with the aim of creating urgency.

3. Don’t launch statically. During the launch window, Justin always responded to feedback, shared updates, and adjusted his messaging based on real-time interactions with his audience. It kept them engaged and made them feel part of a living, breathing initiative.


Now I know I’ve given Tamara’s (aka the reigning champion) example all the shine here, but make sure to check out Andy and Oaks’ examples in the latest episode below too.

    Huge thanks to all who voted for our inaugural Power (half) Hour!


    It was the tightest of races…BUT, the topic we’ll be connecting (and competing) on is: how to partner with your sales reps.


    We are doing this on Friday, May. 10 at 9am PST.


    Expect polls, forum style q&a’s, and a chance to connect with other product marketers and competitive intel pros to wrap the week.


    Here’s just a few questions that were sent from folks in advance πŸ‘‡

    • How do you get reps to share intel earlier in deal cycles vs just during later stages when competitors are a challenge?
    • How do you partner with Sales so that they become champions of your content, not just advocates?
    • What is the most important aspect of a battlecard that will keep sales people actively checking them?

    Come join us Hunter, myself, and plenty of familiar faces in the community as we tackle these questions and a whole lot more!

    *disclaimer – caffeinated drinks recommended, but not mandatory.*

    If you read the above and thought ‘wait, who’s Hunter…?’, then allow me to introduce him to y’all in the most typical Hunter fashion.


    With a killer educational session on battlecards.


    In fact, as a Competitive Enablement Consultant here at Klue, Hunter analyzed over one thousand battlecards to discover the trends that made them stickiest. 


    Here’s what you need to know to build a battlecard that your reps can’t live without.

    ❗ Answering the MOST important PMM interview question | Positioning for Growth

    You can mock answers to a ton of potential questions, but none matter more than ‘tell me about yourself’.


    πŸ“¦ Product launches with Atlassian’s Head of Lifecycle Marketing | Women in Product Marketing

    A deep dive into how to launch products to the enterprise, all the way to SMBs.


    πŸͺž A season in review | We’re Not Marketers

    The misfits take a look back on their favourite moments during the inaugural season of the show.

    Speaking of landing a new gig… A TON of new roles have been added to our jobs board! Here’s just a few:


    1. Product Marketing Manager at ClearDATA here. 
    2. Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Principal at Infor here.

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