Win-Loss Interviews, CI Trends Report, Series B Funding

Nailing your next win-loss interview

Sales reps are wrong about why they won or lost a deal 60% of the time.

Ryan Sorley, CEO, DoubleCheck Research joined us for our first-ever live episode of the Competitive Enablement Show to share how you can take that guesswork out of your win-loss analysis, including:

Catch the full conversation on Apple and Spotify.

 The three most interesting stats from the ‘CI Trends’ Report

Best b2b win-loss analysis guide

Who doesn’t love trends? They let me know if skinny jeans are now cool. Or when they’ve become lame. And when it’s cool again.

And the trends from the Product Marketing Alliance’s latest report? They show what PMMs are doing today to enable their businesses to compete.

A few of my favourite nuggets:

Check out the full report here.

Did you hear? I’m not sure if you heard

Beating your competitors just got 62 million times easier. 
Klue just raised $62 million in our Series B round, led by Tiger Global and Salesforce Ventures! 
Needless to say, we’re pretty stoked about it. But we also wanted to share what that means for you. Check out what our CEO, Jason Smith, had to say.

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