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Why Ad-Hoc Win-Loss Programs Fail

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Conveying the value of win-loss insights to executives isn’t the hard part.

It’s getting organizational buy-in to launch a formal win-loss program — and not an ad-hoc, side-of-desk-style program.  

That’s why Vijay Gupta‘s (former Microsoft, Adobe, Salesify) number one piece of advice for businesses is to invest and start a formal win-loss program ASAP. 

“Win-loss is a situation where you have to invest first before you harvest. And you can’t harvest by investing in it on-and-off with an ad hoc time commitment and ad hoc resources.”

Vijay Gupta, Chief Growth Officer at Emplifi

The success of your win-loss program, beyond proper resourcing, hinges on how you position your win-loss program internally — which comes down to:

1️⃣ Obvious ownership of the program

2️⃣ Clear comms:

3️⃣ Bright internal branding:

Ad hoc programs often seal their own fate. An unsystematic process yields unreliable data.

But if you follow Vijay’s advice, you’ll be on your way to unlocking the kinds of insights that get you a seat at the head table.

You may even end up with a ‘C’ in your title someday like Vijay.

Shippin’ off to Boston

Alright, alright, we get it. These market conditions are…not ideal.

The good news is that enablement folks are the answer to competing in a tough market. The less good news is that it means you need to up your game — fast. 

We figured you could use a bit of a breather from the grind. You might even be looking for a chance to connect, chill and learn from some badass revenue leaders. 

We’ve got something juicy for you: The Enable-mint Roadshow: Boston; Refreshing Cocktails. Candid Conversations, hosted by our buddies from the Product Marketing Community, Sales Enablement Society, and The Enablement Squad.

Come to Beantown, get yourself a lobster roll, catch a Sox game, and learn from some of the best in the business. 

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