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I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here…

But the Klue content team was in Scottsdale for SCIP IntelliCon, and my guys Adam and Grayson sat down for FOURTEEN interviews with compete pros. 

Tracy Berry, Dan Hamilton, Jennifer Roberts, Tirrah Switzer…all our (and your) favourite people. 

We’re busy scheming away, strategizing how we can get this content into your eyes and ears ASAP.

In the meantime, we’ve got another steaming hot cup of ☕ Coffee & Compete for you to sip on. Including…

Four ways churn analysis drives performance

Three expert tips on how to win neck-and-neck deals

How Millennials are changing the way B2B companies do business

Let’s go,


Four Ways to Turn It Up with Churn Analysis

Okay, we’ve all acknowledged the problem: businesses are experiencing unsustainable churn rates. Now it’s time to solve it. 

Conducting churn analysis interviews not only helps you understand what went wrong with the churned customer. The findings of these interviews can help drive performance across the organization.

Align customer expectations with customer experience

Shorten customers’ time-to-value

Get intel on competitors’ market strategy 

Learn what customers actually value  

It’s more important than ever for you to reduce churn. The intel revealed through churn analysis interviews will help you get there.

But we won’t make you do it on your own.

Check out our Churn Analysis Guide to get started

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Turn Losses into Wins with These Three Tips

Tara, Eric and Brandon have been in more hotly contested deals than Adam McQueen has had hot dinners. 

They know first-hand that those deals are won or lost in the margins. And that it takes just the right touch at the right time to push it over the edge. 

We convened these three compete superstars for the latest edition of the CE Show LIVE. Here are the three biggest takeaways. 

Get out of the weeds of features and function; focus on problem-solving instead

A well-timed, relevant customer testimonial can seal the deal

Get directly involved in deals that matter; leave the ones that don’t

How you accomplish all three is easier said than done. Luckily, our guests went into detail about how to do it. 

Check it out on our podcast page where you’ll find a summary of all past episodes of the CE Show and CE LIVE — as well as links to the full episodes on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.  

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

Two Millennial PMMs walk into a bar…

Compete Network Founding Member Andy McCotter-Bicknell recently chatted with PLG master Madison Leonard on the Healthy Competition Podcast

Why are Millennials encouraging more PLG companies with their pocketbook? Click Andy’s post below to find out. 

And get more Madison content by checking out her appearance on the New to Product Marketing podcast, powered by the Compete Network.

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