Nailing Your First 90 Days, Competitive KPI, 5 Rules with David Priemer

First 100 Days of the McCotter-Bicknell Administration at ClickUp 

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell

Actually, the topic and title of this episode of the Competitive Enablement Show is all about Andrew’s first 90 days at ClickUp — not 100. 

I really wanted it to be 100 so we could riff on the first 100 days of a US Presidential Administration. I might have lost the battle for naming the episode. 

But I write the newsletter, so now I get my vengeance!!


This episode is a treasure trove of advice and tactics for Competitive Enablement experts. 

Andrew walks Adam through the first 90 days in his new role as Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, including:

Andrew also explains why a fast-food battle over chicken sandwiches is one of his favourite examples of competitive positioning and messaging. 

And Adam uses an expression that hasn’t been popular since the mid-1960s.

Throw in a reference to A Christmas Story and Superbad, and you’ve got a can’t-miss episode. 

Head to the pod recap page to check out the top three takeaways from the episode.

And make sure to listen to the entire episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts while you’re there. 

 Competitive Confidence: The KPI You’ve Been Waiting For

Competitive confidence metric

One of our biggest priorities on the content team here at Klue is giving a voice to experts in the Competitive Enablement/Competitive Intelligence community. 

Beyond hosting Competitive Experts like Clara Smyth, Tara ScottPat Wall and others on the podcast, we want to bring you expert insights through all kinds of different mediums. 

Lo and behold, we have a Competitive Enablement expert within our four walls — Mr. Brandon Bedford. 

And boy can he write! 

Brandon put pen to paper and dove into why Competitive Confidence should be one of the most important metrics for reporting on Competitive Success. 

If you can show continual improvement in your sellers’ confidence against competitors, and in your competitive program, you’re paving a path to success.

I won’t be able to do Brandon’s article justice, so I’ll just leave the link to the article here for you to enjoy. 

And if you want to grab yourself a Competitive Confidence Survey template, check out the Resources section of our website. 

 5 Rules of Selling Against Your Competitor 

5 rules of selling against your competitors

They say you should never find yourself in a situation where you are the smartest one in the room. 

If you find yourself in a room — virtual or otherwise — with author and sales expert David Priemer and Klue Sales Leader Alex Cook, you will never run into this issue. 

Both joined us for the most recent LIVE session of the Competitive Enablement Show to tackle David’s 5 Rules for Selling Against Your Competitors. 

At the risk of burying the lede on this one, here are David’s 5 rules:

1️⃣ Get into discover mode before responding to objections

2️⃣ Don’t bash; be dipomatic

3️⃣ Phrase the narrative in the voice of your customer

4️⃣ Use competitor objections as a qualification opportunity

5️⃣ Be Honest

This was a session full of tangible advice, masterful metaphors, and a very cute 3-month-old baby. 

So make sure you head to our podcast page and read the recap. There you’ll also find the full session recording. 

And if you want to watch past sessions of Competitive Enablement LIVE, check out this playlist on our Youtube channel. 

(Skip to 53:26 for the cute baby content.)

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