Live(ish) at IntelliCon, Ryan Sorley on Win-Loss Interviews, Meme of the Week

We’re Doing it Live! (ish) at IntelliCon 2022 

Adam loves to talk about his Masters’s Degree in journalism. 

And for once, he had a chance to put his multi-thousand-dollar education to use. 

Reporter Adam was on the ground at the Klue Booth with the rest of team (pictured above) in beautiful Minneapolis for SCIP IntelliCon 2022. 
In between attending excellent speaker sessions, and struggling through some very real technical issues, Adam managed to interview 15 of the attendees and record it for the Competitive Enablement Show. 

In Part I of Klue Live(ish) at IntelliCon 2022, Adam talks with Elucian’s Lisa Goldberg, Highspot’s Ashleigh Eisinger, Coca-Cola’s Nadeem Khan and many more. 

Adam asks them about their highlights of the event, what advice they would give to their younger selves, and what they would do if they only had one competitive wish for enabling their teams. 

Head on over to our podcast page and check out Part I.

And make sure to keep your eyes glued to the Competitive Enablement Show feed for Part II of Klue Live(ish) at IntelliCon dropping next week. 

✅ Ryan Sorley: Nailing Your Next Win-Loss Interview ✅

Ryan Sorley

Win-Loss analysis was one of the hottest topics at IntelliCon this year. 

And if you’ve been keeping up on the Klue Blog you know how much we love Win-Loss as well. 

That’s why we were over the moon when DoubleCheck Research CEO Ryan Sorley offered to write an article based on his recent appearance on the Competitive Enablement Show LIVE. 

Ryan has written an amazing crash course on everything you need to know about win-loss interviews. 

Everything from the key components to building a strong foundation like consistency, realistic expectations, and organizational buy-in, to how to conduct the best win-loss interviews and how to put that interview data into action. 

The best part? 

You can click on Youtube links in the article to jump directly to the relevant section of the video of his CE Live appearance.

So whether you’re up for a Sunday read or want to grab some popcorn and watch a few clips (or the whole thing!) we’ve got what you need. 

Check out the article here

Meme of the Week 

Competitive Enablement Meme

While the art of “memeing” escapes someone of my vintage, I know a good thing when I see it. 

I’m also told that the point of these “memes” is to pack a lot of meaning into a few simple images. 

Enter this week’s winner of Meme of the Week. Authored by Klue’s SDR Lead Taylor Del Giudice. 

Here’s my expert analysis:

Analysis over. 

Have a good Sunday! 

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