FIA Battlecard Framework, Outcompeting the Competition with Mayur Palta, Prime Day

We’re barely two weeks into it and the jury’s still out on Threads vs Twitter.

If you caught last week’s edition, you’ll know I’m on the record as saying Twitter isn’t going anywhere. 

So far, Threads has turned out to be an unorganized text-first version of Instagram.

While Twitter continues to be a simmering tire fire of vitriol and world news.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

In today’s edition of ☕ Coffee & Compete   though, we’re getting back to basics. 

First up we’ve got a new battlecard framework you can (and should) start using today. 

Then we talk to Databrick’s AI & Data Architect Engineer Mayur Palta on the Competitive Enablement Show

And ClickUp’s Andy McCotter-Bicknell brings us home in the Community Corner 

Let’s roll,

Ben ✌️

The Fact. Impact. Act. Battlecard Framework 

Your battlecards need to be consistent for your users to get the most out of them.

And as the battlecard builder, a repeatable framework helps scale your efforts. 

The competitive content team at Klue put their giant brains together and came up with a framework just like that: FIA. 

(Not to be confused with FOIA — which incidentally is an awesome source of competitive intelligence.)

Let’s break it down:

1️⃣ Fact

Highlight the straight facts and intel your reps need to deposition the competition. 

“Vandelay Industries has greatly decreased their investment in exporting in order to focus more on importing.”

2️⃣ Impact 

Add context to the fact to unpack why it matters in a competitive deal against this competitor. 

“Most enterprise companies require a partner that provides a comprehensive solution, inclusive of both the importing and the exporting.”

3️⃣ Act

Guide your rep through the call with a killer talk track and how to use it relating back to the initial fact.

“Vandelay is definitely a strong player on the import side — no question about it. But I imagine a company like yours needs a solution that supports the export side as well. We’ve seen Vandelay really scale back their resources on the export side in the last six months. Can I show you how our solution supports both?”

Building great battlecards is the first step you should be taking for your competitive enablement program. The FIA framework is here to set you up for success.

Check out our blog to dive deeper into FIA (and see an example that isn’t based on an episode of Seinfeld).

And while you’re here, check out our downloadable Sales Battlecards Templates and our Competitive Battlecards 101 Video Series.

Outcompeting the Competition 

Our guest on the Competitive Enablement Show this week was Databricks’ Mayur Palta. Mayur is an AI & Data Solution Architect whose career has included stops at AWS, Oracle and more. 

He joined Adam to talk about his new book, Outcompete: How startups and billion-dollar companies outsmart the competition.

Adam and Mayur dive into his three biggest takeaways from a career in compete, how AI is already impacting the competitive landscape, and the jobs of competitive intelligence professionals everywhere. 

All proceeds from his book go towards empowering underprivileged children through quality education via the charitable organization Vibha.

You can learn more about Vibha here and pick up a copy of Mayur’s book here

And you can check out the entire episode riiight here

Coffee & Compete Community Corner

In today’s installment of the Community Corner , we’re featuring none other than Andy McCotter-Bicknell. 

As per usual, he doesn’t need much in the way of an introduction. Here’s Andy’s take on the brilliance of Prime Days. 

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