Everything you need to nail win-loss

We’re out of hibernation now, which can only mean one thing:


Event season.


We’ll share the tl;dr on what’s happening in the community and where you can connect with us irl. PLUS:


πŸ’‘ Everything you need to know about win-loss

πŸ€ Why Air Jordans stomped the competition

🩹 How to launch a rip n’ replace campaign


Adam β˜•

If you missed our Klue Quarterly celebration… then this is for you. We didn’t want to deprive you of all of the goodness shared throughout the event.
Especially our opening session led by our VP Win-Loss, Ryan Sorley.
He shared the three biggest reasons win-loss fails inside of businesses. In short:
1. Ignoring exec level buy-in with key stakeholders prior to launch
2. Failing to plan what you’re looking to learn and how you’ll measure
3. Keeping these insights to yourself.
He also shared exactly what to do to avoid each of these pitfalls.
Catch all of the sessions on-demand within the community here.

πŸ“† Community events

    πŸ“Spryng, Apr. 9-10 | Austin

    Spryng is hosted by our friends at Wynter. Expect to see our marketing team rollin’ around with tiny mics in hand. Make sure to say hi!


    πŸ“Klue mentorship, Apr. 11 | Virtual

    Valerie Bonaldo shares how her product marketing team at Seismic enable the entire business with win-loss insights


    πŸ“World Tour, Apr. 25 | Toronto

    Meet the Klue Crew, connect with others compete pros, and join us for a fireside chat with Huzeifa Adamally on how to get a seat at the executive table.


    πŸ“Klue & Highspot & Clari BBQ, May 6 | Austin

    We’re teaming up with our B2B friends to put on a bbq for folks that is steps away Forrester’s B2B Summit. Expect free food and fun times.

    I love tactical content. The stuff you can walk away and apply in your role tomorrow.


    And Andy McCotter-Bicknell did exactly this with our community on running a competitive rip n’ replace campaign.


    Tune into this short (but meaty!) session where he shares the three steps to launching, great examples in the wild, and a cold email template you can take and run with your revenue teams tomorrow.

    πŸ€ How did Air Jordans stomp the competition?

    It’s 1984. Nike are on the verge of shutting down their basketball division.

    Then they land a partnership with a young rookie named Michael Jordan. And they launched the first ever signature shoe in basketball: the Air Jordans.


    The shoes were anti-establishment. They were controversial.


    And they became the launch point (excuse the pun) for Nike to dominate the industry over the competition.


    Check out the latest episode of Ready for Launch to learn more about Nike’s strategy, the launch of the Michelin Guide, and the origin of the engagement ring as Andy, Oaks, and Tamara compete to share the best ‘pre-internet’ product launch.

    A TON of new roles have been added to our jobs board! Here’s just a few:


    1. Product Marketing Manager, CI with Appfolio here.

    2. Market Intelligence Lead with Logility here.

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