Dooly CEO Kris Hartvigsen and Klue CEO Jason Smith on Competing in a Recession

️Two CEOs Walk into a Podcast Studio… ️

Kris Hartvigsen and Jason Smith

It’s not every day two CEOs waltz into the virtual podcast studio and lay down a killer episode. 

This episode was so good, so jam-packed with advice, that it is my honour to share with you the most essential takeaways. 

Here are nine takeaways for organizations and sellers everywhere competing in these uncertain economic times. 

️‍♀️ You need to understand your buyer and your competitors more than ever ️‍♀️

“You need to do your homework ahead of time to understand the first move on the chessboard that you’re likely to see from others around you.”

1️⃣ Sellers need to do deeper research to better understand buyers and empathize with their pain points.

2️⃣ Organizations need to be actively sharing intel on aggressive moves competitors are making (e.g. on pricing, messaging) to avoid getting blindsided.

3️⃣ Revenue teams need to be enabled with the right intel and messaging to outmaneuver the competition in competitive deals.

 Companies need to be better at clearly communicating ROI

“There needs to be clear ROI. There needs to be a much closer proof point to how this is going to generate revenue or save costs.”

4️⃣ Organizations can no longer risk buying a new product hoping it works out.

5️⃣ Messaging needs to make clearer and more powerful links to revenue generation and savings.

6️⃣ Sellers need to be able to tailor their messaging to convince more senior stakeholders.

⚔️ Defending existing revenue is just as important as winning new business ⚔️

 “You should know well in advance because your competitors are probably prospecting your accounts three months, eight months before your renewal is up.

7️⃣ Expect your competitors to be prospecting into your accounts 3-8 months before renewal.

8️⃣ Foster a healthy post-sales relationship to catch wind of potential churn risks ahead of time.

9️⃣ Monitor usage and adoption decreases, and flag them quickly.

Even these nine takeaways — which are pretty damn good if you ask me — don’t do the whole episode justice.  

So do yourself a favour and…

Click here to dive way deeper into all of these takeaways, and watch or listen to the full episode.

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Pictured at this week’s PMA Summit in Boston:

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