Competitive Enablement Show Best of Season 1, 31 Win-Loss Questions, Klue Un-Wrapped

 Everyone loves a ‘Best Of’ 

Best of season one of the competitive enablement show

“You’ll hear some of Adam and my less bright moments”

21 episodes. 26 guests. Persistent technical issues. And a whole lot of fun. 


Season 1 of the Competitive Enablement Show is officially in the books.

As Adam and I reflected on the year that was, reminiscing about our favourite moments, we thought to ourselves, “Hey, let’s make a Best Of Season 1 episode! Everyone loves a ‘Best Of’.”

A dozen hours of editing and several caffeinated beverages later, we narrowed down our favourite moments and stiched them together for your listening pleasure. 

You’ll hear from:

This is the perfect episode for you to listen to if you’re new to the Competitive Enablement Show.

And if you’re already a devoted listener, we think you’ll like it too.  

 Can I ask you a question? Okay how about 31? 

Best b2b win-loss analysis guide

31 Win-Loss Analysis Questions You Should Be Asking 

Speaking of the Competitive Enablement Show…

One of the most common themes that came up in conversation throughout the year was Win-Loss analysis

Whether it was about nailing win-loss interview questions with Ryan Sorley, the subtle yet important differences between win-loss analysis and churn-analysis with Natasha Narayan, or Alex McDonnell reflecting on his time at Eigenworks, everyone agrees that no Competitive Program is complete without a win-loss component. 

If you didn’t already after last week’s email, check out our downloadable Guide to Conducting Win-Loss Analysis Interviews. 

And for a set of 31 questions (okay there’s actually only 30…you’ll need to download the guide for the 31st), you can use in your next win-loss interview, read our latest blog

  Customers Crushing Competitors with Competitive  

Move Over Spotify Wrapped and Welcome Klue UNwrapped

The world of Competitive Enablement took a giant leap forward in 2021.

At Klue, we hosted the first-ever Competitive Enablement Summit, we released the Competitive Enablement Maturity Model, not to mention the aforementioned first-ever season of the Competitive Enablement Show. 

But what’s really cause for celebration, is how our customers used their competitive enablement might to crush their competition. 

Whether it’s iconic brands like Shopify, Dell, and Cisco. Mighty teams of one at Workato, and all points in between, we want to say a sincere thank you and way to go to everyone who showed us what’s possible when you unleash the power of competitive enablement. 

Spotify might like to wrap things up at the end of year, but we’re more the UNwrapping type. 

Check out some of these killer stats from Klue customers. |