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The term ‘edutainment’ is the topic de jour in content nowadays.

Now I might be biased… but I think we’ve nailed it with our newest show on The Compete Network.

Introducing Ready for Launch πŸš€

3 of the best product marketers.
3 of their favourite product launches.
1 winner.
Stoked to team up with Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Jason Oakley, Tamara Grominsky, who are rockstars in the product marketing space (and they also incredibly competitive about beating one another).
Every episode is a new theme: best product launch of 2023, most controversial launch, best launch pre-internet, plus plenty more.
I’ve had a look behind-the-scenes of the first few epis and if you care even the sliiiiiiiightest bit about great product marketing examples you’re going to LOVE it.

I truly believe the quality of this rivals any other show being made right now in B2B tech. Stoked to work with creators in the most impactful way possible.
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Feb. 22. Let’s launch πŸ‘Š

Was Zuck’s response to Apple savvy or sorry?

In case you were living under a rock, Apple recently released their inaugural VR headset, the Vision Pro.


And you might think that Apple has led a new wave of innovation with this tech… but, you’d be mistaken.


Meta released their own VR headset, the Quest 3, in October. And the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, directly addressed Apple’s product in a no-frills three minute review of their competitor.

My totally unsolicited take πŸ‘‰ sure the Vision Pro has quirks. Yes, Meta’s product is likely a better value… today. But Zuck’s response is missing the forest from the trees. 


Apple intentionally labelled these ‘beta’. Their initial iPhone launch years ago wasn’t perfect.


Remember Steve Ballmer comparing it to the then dominant BlackBerry? Yeah… that didn’t age well.


What Apple has done is capture the mainstream consciousness with a movement. At this point the functionality details don’t truly matter.


Zuck is diving deep into the feature-function weeds in a category that is only just scratching the surface. And that’s a losing strategy when the Vision Pro 2, 3, 4, inevitably release.

Yi Lin Pei has helped countless product marketers bounce back from layoffs and land their next gig throughout her career.


And now she’s sharing some of her best tactical tips with the community so you can crush your next interview. She’ll be dropping some of the secrets she’s seen work best over her 10+ year career, including:


🚫 The biggest application mistake you need to avoid

πŸ›— How to develop a killer elevator pitch

πŸ—’οΈ Tips for nailing an interview assignment


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