5 Battlecard Laws, SCIP IntelliCon Masters Series Part IV, James Doman-Pipe

   Good Things Come In 5’s

The Five Laws of Highly Effective Battlecards Resource Image

Or is it 3’s? 

Anyway, without divulging too much, the content team has been working on a top-secret project all about #battlecards. 

We interviewed Klue experts, expert Klue customers, and expert experts to dive deep into the question: “What makes a good battlecard?” 

Simple question? Perhaps. Simple answer? Definitely not.

But across the board throughout our interviews, these themes came up over and over again. 

❌ – Your battlecards cannot and should not be a repository of information 

✅ – Instead, they need to tell the story of why your solution is better than the competition’s

❌ – An outdated battlecard is worse than no battlecard at all

✅ – Schedule monthly refreshes of battlecard content (quarterly at a bare minimum).

❌ – Marketing lingo and jargon have no place living on a battlecard

✅ – Pull real talk tracks from the field and embed them into your cards. 

We’ll release our top-secret battlecard project out into the world in a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, download our newest resource: The 5 Laws of Highly Effective Battlecards

5 unbreakable rules about crafting killer battlecards from the experts who work on them every day. 


 Klue at IntelliCon Masters Series Part IV

Three compete pros. Three excellent humans. Three interviews. 

(Good things do come in threes!) 

This week we released the fourth episode in our seven-part series of interviews we did with 15 compete pros at SCIP IntelliCon 2022 in Minneapolis. 

Here are three quotes from experts:

Erin Pearson, VP Marketing at Evaluserve

On measuring the impact of competitive enablement

“Sometimes it’s not the individual metrics of the CI team that matter. What matters is, when you send [intel] out to other teams, how did their metrics change because they were able to receive and apply the data that you were giving.”

Ashleigh Eisinger, Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Highspot

On giving advice to new compete pros:

The biggest thing to remember in any career, but I feel like compete is a huge one, is that baby steps make big impacts. Take the stuff you have and disperse it amongst your stakeholders. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away.

Pat Wall, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Imperva

On the biggest mistake compete pros make:

A lot of times some people don’t seek feedback. We need feedback from our stakeholders to be successful. Does this work? If it works, great. But if it doesn’t work, let’s fix it. Be okay with failure. 


Coffee & Compete Community Corner

James doman pipe

Pictured top-centre is product marketing master and Compete Network founding member James Doman-Pipe

Surrounding him (in an almost-perfect Brady Bunch tile format) is the second cohort participating in James’s WTF is Go-To-Market course. 

That’s a whole lot of smiling faces in that photo. And if you’ve had a chance to learn from James, you’ll know why. 

Follow him on LinkedIn and learn more about his course here.

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