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10 best objection. handling tips

“This might be the best top 10 I’ve seen since David Letterman went off the air,” – Anonymous

Full disclosure, I am the author of that quote. I really miss Letterman.
But as much as I miss the King of Late Night, I’m equally fascinated by the world of Competitive Objection Handling
You might not know for sure, but you can safely assume that your prospects are talking to your competition. 
You can also assume that they’ll be using some “alternative facts” to deposition you. 
Sellers have to handle all kinds of objections in competitive selling.
And the maxim ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ definitely applies here. 
But thanks to a stellar team of expert sellers here at Klue, I’ve managed to mine their brains and come up with the 10 of the best Objection Handling Tips around. 
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Best-selling author Anthony Iannarino
Sales guru  Kevin “KD” Dorsey
Klue’s Erin Neal & Jacob Gebrewold

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Mitch and Q are two of the best PMMs and competitive sellers in the game.

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Where Does Competitive Enablement Fit in the Org Chart? 

You’re already tired of my voice by now.

So I’m going to turn it over to Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford for this week’s edition of…

The Klue Diaries: Competitive Musings from a Competitive Expert

Where does Competitive Enablement sit?

This is a real slide that I presented when I was interviewing for the competitive enablement role at Klue. In fact, I defined the role myself.

After partnering with hundreds of organizations (and speaking with thousands more) we’ve learned that Competitive Intelligence / CI typically sits as a TASK within the Product Marketing team.

There are 3 problems with this:

Compete becomes a hot potato that no single PMM wants to fully own.
➡️ Compete becomes an after-thought, lower on the priority list than product launches, customer marketing, etc
“Competitive Intelligence” is siloed and disconnected from sales and revenue teams

Enter Competitive Enablement.

CE sits within the Product Marketing team at Klue. But it’s a specialized role that fully owns compete — from intel collection, to analysis, to revenue *enablement*. CE works closely with sales and revenue enablement, but also CS, product, and strategy.

Interestingly, we see many of our Enterprise clients (>5000 employees) adopt a similar structure, but many fast-growing growth-stage companies (1000 – 5000 employees) are letting Compete get muddled in with myriad PMM tasks…

= PMMs are stretched thin as-is. Foster specialization within your team. Create a Competitive Enablement position.

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