The Biggest AI Trends in Competitive Intelligence

James Raffield and Brandon Bedford sit down to field every question the Compete community has about working with AI in competitive intelligence during this live AMA session. They dig into the biggest findings from our latest research report, some of their favourite use cases, and how to navigate inaccuracies.

Top Takeaways:

1. The importance of precise prompting

“It’s only going to give me what I ask for, so the more precise I am and what I ask for and what I want the outcome to be, the better, more accurate, and safer outputs can be validated.”

Prompting effectively is both an art and a science, as practitioners learn to frame their questions to align with the desired outcome. It’s essential to start with simple queries and iterate to refine them into comprehensive prompts that yield actionable insights.

2. Human verification remains essential

“I depend on myself for the accuracy and validation of the data that I’m going to present to my teams. I never depend on AI.”

Despite the advancements in AI, James stresses that the final step of verification and validation of intelligence must be a human task. No matter how sophisticated AI tools become, they still lack the context and nuanced understanding necessary for confirming accuracy. Human curation ensures that the intelligence gathered is trustworthy and applicable to business strategy and decision-making.

3. AI-enhanced productivity allows product marketers to prioritize top-level work

“What I’m looking to do is save time. For example, I’m going to write a TL;DR; and then ask for the content to be focused on these five different personas.”

AI is now enhancing productivity and efficiency for competitive intelligence work by handling tasks such as data collection, summary creation, and content curation. By delegating these aspects to AI, a competitive intelligence professional like James can focus on higher-level strategic efforts, personalizing outputs for different internal personas, and ensuring that content aligns with the audience’s needs.

Key Moments

00:00 – Introduction

10:56 – AI fundamentals

18:35 – Trust, security, and accuracy

25:00 – Common mistakes and pitfalls with AI use

29:23 – Win-Loss and AI

33:58 – The future of AI in competitive intelligence

38:16 – Community questions

Host: Adam McQueen
Production: Grayson Ottenbreit

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