Resisting the Itch to Pitch in Sales

Your competitors. They’re out there, lurking in the shadows, looking to steal that hotly contested deal from you. How do you effectively sell to a prospect when you know your competitors are going after that very same prospect? Better yet, how do you coach and manage a team of sellers who have to sell against the competition?

In this episode of Winning as Women, Jody Geiger was joined by Klue Sales Managers Leigh Quinlan and Erin Neal to talk about their experiences selling and coaching with respect to competitive deals.

Jody, Leigh and Erin touch on how best to talk about competitors to your prospect, getting ahead of sales traps being set by your competitors, and how to sell against the most dreaded competitor of them all — the status quo.

This conversation was first aired during the Compete Network’s inaugural Winner’s Circle event. You can watch the full interview here.  

Key Moments:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:29) Meet Erin Neal and Leigh Quinlan!
(03:46) How to bring up the competition to a customer or prospect 
(07:14) How to deal with sales traps laid by your competitors
(10:48) Selling against perceived feature-function parity
(11:48) The ARR framework for selling
(14:31) Selling against the status quo
(17:37) Selling against competitors in an economic downturn
(23:39) Erin and Leigh share stories of the deals that got away

Host: Jody Geiger
Producer: Ben Ronald

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