Releasing Your Grip on Old Narratives | Jen Murtagh, Devon Brooks, Simran Kang

We’re going back in time to the session that started it all. Host Jody Geiger is joined by three amazing guests: Co-founder of Maturn Jen Murtagh,  Sphere CEO Devon Brooks,  and MyFO CEO Simran Kang

This fab four dive into the polarities of preparing for mat leave while continuing to be career-focused, the importance of self-compassion, and how it’s okay to drop the ball at home every once in a while.

About Winning as Women

Host Jody Geiger hosts the best sellers, sales leaders and revenue coaches in the world, to ask look for tactical advice from people overcoming the same challenges others facing. And stay for real talk exploring the moments behind the outward success.

And if the title didn’t give it away… yep, the guests, they’re mostly women. Why? Well, because it is mostly men giving advice on how to coach and lead sellers today.

Representation matters. We want the next generation of sellers to only know a world where selling, leading and driving organizations forward is equally done by all people.

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