How PMMs can tie revenue with competitive intelligence w/ Clara Smyth

Aligning your PMM role to revenue is very difficult to do in some organizations and under certain circumstances. However, there are a few ways you can focus on revenue. Competitive intelligence (CI) is the way. Clara Smyth is the Director of Competitive Enablement Services at Klue and hosts the Back Office to Boardroom podcast. In this episode, she’s gonna show how to tie revenue with competitive intelligence.

We’re talking about:

→The role of competitive intelligence in revenue generation
→How to handle internal requests and prioritizing competitors
→How to invest and evolve in competitive intelligence
→And of course, are product marketers actually marketers?

If you want to understand the different pillars between CI and PMM, discover how to start influencing revenue, and the ideal structure of a CI team, brace yourself for Clara’s masterclass on these subjects.



02:47 Clara’s Journey into Competitive Intelligence

03:45 Are Product Marketers Actually Marketers?

05:10 The Role of Competitive Intelligence in Revenue Generation

08:01 The Importance of Being Selfless in Product Marketing

10:33 Ideal Structure for Competitive Intelligence

13:02 Misconceptions about Competitive Intelligence

16:22 The Power of Competitive Intelligence Newsletters

19:21 Building a Content Creation Team

21:31 Investing in Competitive Intelligence

25:23 The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence

28:20 Handling Internal Requests and Prioritizing Competitors

34:00 Special Projects and Where to Find Clara

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