12-ish Ways to Increase Sales Adoption Across Your Content

Adam is joined by — actually wait — it’s not Adam this time. In this episode, Ben takes a turn in the host chair and talks with Imperva’s Pat Wall about what it takes to increase sales adoption of competitive intel and compete content in an organization.

For a seasoned vet like Pat, he’s picked up more than a few best practices on creating a culture of compete at the organization. That’s why we brought him on to share 12-ish of his tips and best practices with our audience.

Key Moments

(00:06) Intro rambles
(04:00) How Pat’s compete presentations stole the show at SKO
(06:42) Building a culture of compete and increasing adoption
(09:26) Moderating a competitive intelligence Slack channel
(13:21) What comes first: the culture of compete or the compete content?
(15:32) Giving sales what they need before they know they need it
(17:40) What makes a good pricing battlecard?
(20:00) Getting compete content to the right people at the right time
(23:59) What to do when good content isn’t being used
(27:34) Getting short-term wins while building a longterm culture of compete
(29:38) The importance of executive buy-in to your compete program
(31:01) Rapid Fire!

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