Empowering Success Through Authentic Leadership | Nikki Schanzer

Senior Leadership Development Sales Performance Consultant at LinkedIn, Nikki Schanzer, joins Jody to talk about building a revenue enablement team from the ground up, why companies are doing their sales processes wrong, and how to be clear as a leader in order to provide the biggest impact.

Key Moments:

00:00 – Introduction

03:20 – Building an enablement team from the ground up

05:51 – How to develop your enablement skills

09:20 – How do coaches fit into an enablement function

15:18 – How to overcome being reactive and increase impact

20:00 – Being clear as a leader

26:18 – Why every company is doing their sales process wrong

30:27 – What’s wrong with sales processes

32:07 – What does it mean to be winning as a woman?

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