How to Dismantle Competitors Throughout the Deal

Nick Cegelski, host of the widely followed sales podcast, 30 Minutes to Presidents Club and Qayam Noorani kick off this series of talks from Compete Week 2023. They delve into the art of competitive selling, discussing strategies on dealing with competitors in your deals, understanding your buyer’s needs, and the significance of being an educator in the sales process.

Top Takeaways:

1. Spotting competitors reveals the buyer’s serious evaluation stage, guiding targeted efforts.

“If your buyer is looking at you and some of your direct competitors, what that tells you is it’s a serious evaluation. There’s a serious problem that they’re looking to solve.”

2. Genuine curiosity in your prospect’s alternative solutions helps educate and advise, building trust regardless of their product choice.

“Taking a step back, being really curious, and trying to understand: why are they looking at that solution? What problems [does the competitor] solve for them?”

3. Quick adaptation and internal collaboration can help overcome mid-cycle competitive challenges effectively.

“Consult with other folks, don’t try and solve these problems on your own. There are other people within the business that can help you figure out different ways to adopt.”

Key Moments

00:00 – Introduction

00:34 – The significance of having competitors in your deal

02:03 – The importance of building credibility and trust with your clients

02:52 – Sharing our favourite competitive deal stories

08:57 – How to bring up competitors in a natural way throughout the deal cycle

10:18 – Building a talk track to address the entry of a competitor mid-sales cycle

13:38 – The importance of curiosity in competitive selling

14:59 – The art of being an educated and consultative seller

16:06 – Helping clients improve their programs

16:49 – Bringing in various experts to educate and consult your buyers

17:12 – Consuming content that is designed for the folks you are selling to

19:18 – Adapting your strategy mid-cycle to overcome something a competitor is doing

Host: Adam McQueen
Production: Grayson Ottenbreit

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