Nextdoor Head of SMB Marketing, Brianne Shally on Influencing the Product Roadmap and Consumer Product Marketing

Questions covered in this episode:


1:26  Opening Question (Can you share a time when you failed at something and learned?)

5:16  What is your role like and what Nextdooris all about?

11:20 What is tactically that source of truth as you get data from various sources and how do you connect it all with the inputs that you're getting?

13:35 What is the way that you bring voice of customer to life at the organizations that you work for?

16:21: What kind of impact does having a strong woman leader as CEO have on the company as a whole, in your opinion?

20:51: What are good OKRs for product marketing?

24:50 How do you make the jump from a senior manager level to the director level?

29:40 What are some innovative launch activities you've done that were successful?

34:09 Rapid Fire

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