Let’s get clear about product messaging w/ Zach Messler

Clarity in your product messaging is key, but it’s not very actionable when it comes to your responsibilities as a PMM. Just being more clear doesn’t always cut it. This week, we’re sitting down with Zach Messler, PMM Advisor, messaging expert, and whisky aficionado to explain how PMMs can really get clear with their product messaging. In this hour, we’re covering:


→The importance of clarity in product messaging

→The clarity hierarchy and what context matter

→Strategies to enhance your role as a PMM

→And of course, are product marketers actually marketers?


If you want to broaden your understanding of what great product messaging looks like, learn about how context is driving everything with a problem-solving approach, and the only way you should be drinking whisky, tune in!




01:30 Zach Messler’s Background and Journey

03:20 The Big Question: Are Product Marketers Actually Marketers?

09:26 Zach’s Philosophy and Approach to Marketing

18:27 The Importance of Clarity in Messaging

20:11 The Hierarchy of Clarity

24:56 The Power of Context in Messaging

30:31 The Importance of Context in Problem-Solution Approach

31:44 The Role of Product Marketers and Its Challenges

32:28 Strategies to Enhance Product Marketing Role

33:12 The Power of Negotiation in Product Marketing

37:31 The Impact of Trade Shows in Product Marketing

39:52 The Art of Messaging in Product Marketing

48:23 The Essence of Product Messaging


Show notes:

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Never Split the Difference by Christopher Voss

Clarity Rules special offer

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