HyreSnap GTM Advisor, Abhishek Ratna on AI integration into product marketing

Questions covered in this episode: 1:36 Opening Question: Journey into and through product marketing?4:41 How do you think product marketing leaders and teams should start integrating AI into their strategy.?8:34 What kind of AI tools are you using around segmentation and market research and copywriting?11:38 How do you ensure that you’re writing the right prompt to get the best information from the respective AI source that you’re using?15:26 How you’re thinking about or even advising other product marketers to position AI enriched offerings within their strategy or their product?18:45 Can you share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?20:20 As product marketing leaders should we be preparing for over the next few months to move into AI?Want more insights from Abhishek ? Check out his Sharebird Profile.Looking to connect? You can find Abhishek here on LinkedIn.

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