How Win-Loss Powers Brand Perception

Meg and Ryan discuss the topic of brand measurement and its importance for organizations. They highlight the misconceptions around brand and emphasize that it’s not just about visual elements, but also the messaging, positioning, and customer experience. Meg introduces the brand impact scoring model developed at Insight Partners, which looks at five key criteria: awareness, perception, voice, sentiment, and employee alignment. They discuss the different stages of maturity and the resources needed to effectively measure brand impact, including leveraging customer insights, qualitative and quantitative research, and collaboration across teams.

Top Takeaways:

  1. 1. Brand measurement is often the most popular question from leaders and executives in organizations, and it is essential for driving revenue and business performance.
  2. 2. Companies should start their brand measurement efforts by gaining a deep understanding of their customers through voice of the customer research and leveraging those insights to inform their messaging and positioning.
  3. 3. In early-stage companies, brand measurement can be a team effort between the founder, marketer, and potentially a contractor or agency partner. As organizations grow, product marketing teams often take ownership of brand measurement.
  4. 4. It’s crucial to align brand measurement efforts with business objectives and track key performance indicators, ensuring that the insights drive decision-making and change.
  5. 5. Late-stage companies need to have an ongoing focus on brand measurement, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to understand and optimize the impact of their brand.
  6. 6. AI is changing the marketing landscape, and organizations should view it as a force for continual reinvention rather than a disruptor. Content generation is a common use case for AI, leading to increased productivity gains.

Key Moments:

00:00 – Introduction

00:20 – Measuring the ROI of brand investments

06:31 – Are companies deficient in brand investment?

09:22 – Brand investment at different maturity stages

15:06 – How many customers to interview for Win-Loss analysis

17:48 – Resources needed for early stage Win-Loss analysis

21:50 – Difference between early and growth stage Win-Loss analysis

24:59 – Turning Win-Loss data into insights

27:15 – Are Win-Loss insights valuable to board members?

29:43 – Brand measurement for late stage companies

33:47 – Unique vs. generic objectives

36:10 – Not letting AI be a disruptor

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