How we’ve reached 2500 podcast downloads in 4 months with a $300 budget

90% of podcasts don’t go past episode 3, yet we’re ending ours at 15. In this special episode, we go back into why we started the podcast, how we met, and what product marketing initiatives we incorporated in creating this podcast. Come chill with the misfits for one last time while we cover:

→How did we craft a unique podcast identity

→How are we growing We’re Not Market

→Breaking down how product marketing helped us launch

→Our favorite episodes of the season

→The survey results unveiled!

→What will the future of product marketing look like?

Uncovering our survey filled with 48 PMMs to answer if product marketers are marketers with special guest, Adam McQueen from Klue! Put the volume up and sit down one last time to hear the three misfits. The skeletons are almost in the cemetery.



01:45 WNM origin story

05:40 How we came up with the name

14:00 The skeleton branding

26:09 Consistency and humor in our marketing

31:28 Consistency in podcasting

34:43 Our differentiation and favorite guests

48:10 Survey results with Adam McQueen from Klue

01:03:14 Final verdict and end of the podcast?

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