How PMMs can “bounce-back” from layoffs


01:17: Eric’s layoff experience

04:12: Zach’s layoff experience

10:24: The state of layoffs and product marketing in the US

12:34: Taking the solopreneur road after being laid off

14:00: The stress of the first 90 days as a PMM

15:53: Specialist vs. generalist PMM

18:27: How to position yourself as a PMM and be memorable

22:31: How can you make your next job search a success


Show Notes:

Emma Stratton LinkedIn

Product Marketing Alliance Salary Report

Personal Positioning from Tamara Grominsky

Practical Positioning Guide from Jess Petrella

TealHQ.com – CRM for job search

Stillhiring.today – Job board

Lavender AI – How to write great email to hiring managers

Aligned – Digital Salesroom to showcase your work

Healthy Competition – CI Community

PMMCamp – Product Marketing Community




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