Five Things I Learned About Battlecards

This interview features Klue content producer Ben Ronald who recently helped launch Klue’s brand new Competitive Battlecards Course. Read Ben’s article on the five most Important battlecard takeaways here

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Adam is joined by Klue Content Producer Ben Ronald to talk about our recently released Competitive Battlecards Video Series.

Ben was the project manager for the video series and spent hours talking to experts about what it takes to build a great battlecard.

In this episode, Ben walks us through his five biggest learnings, including why less is more, how structure is everything, and why you need to be telling a story and not just making a point.

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Key Moments

(02:20) Why build a battlecards course in the first place?
(05:10) Learning number one: Tell a story, don’t make a point
(07:03) Learning number two: More is not better
(09:37) Learning number three: Internal intel the best intel
(13:03) Learning number four: Keep your battlecards up to date
(16:11) Learning number five: Structure is everything

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