Finding the Story in the Data

Carol Meyers, board chair of Crunchr and Go-to-Market advisor, joins Ryan this week to talk about her experiences with Win-Loss analysis over her accomplished career. They touch on how to use Win-Loss data to inform when you have a real competitor, how to present Win-Loss at a board meeting and how AI will affect the business landscape for Sales and Marketing.

Top Takeaways:

  1. 1. Win-loss analysis is crucial for understanding customer preferences and identifying areas for improvement in marketing, sales, and product development.
  1. 2. A programmatic approach to win-loss analysis is essential for capturing leading indicators and staying ahead of market shifts.
  1. 3. Combining win loss data with insights from sales teams, analysts, and other sources helps paint a more comprehensive picture of the market and customer preferences.
  1. 4. Boards and leadership teams often lack a systematic approach to using win loss data and struggle to take meaningful actions based on the insights.

“Teams need to really think through making sure they’re providing the right context about any information that they’re sharing… You should be using [win loss data] to help you make decisions and take action in your business.”

  1. 5. The future of sales and marketing will be heavily influenced by AI, with new major players emerging and existing giants leveraging AI to dominate the market.

Key Moments:

00:01 – Introduction

00:59 – The importance of Win-Loss analysis

04:35 – Win-Loss programs vs. Win-Loss projects

06:57 – When to go after a competitor

09:01 – Other sources of data to use with Win-Loss

10:40 – Do companies understand the importance of competitive intelligence?

14:01 – Taking action on Win-Loss insights after board meetings

17:10 – What it takes to run a Win-Loss program

20:30 – How AI will affect business and competition

23:10 – How AI will change Sales and Marketing

27:20 – How to start a Win-Loss program

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